To be a leader in high quality, safety & successful treatment .




New Hope Medical Center mission is to provide a world-class healthcare from dental and Ob-gynecology departments, in a caring and patient-centered environment, combining clinical expertise with advanced technology.

Our Values

  • Excellence in patient care services.
  • Team Work.
  • Quality and Safety contribution.

Increase UAE Fertility Rate.

Infertility is more common than most people think. Today, as many as one in seven couples trying to have a baby will experience infertility. In fact, recent studies show that after a year of having unprotected sex, 15 percent of couples are unable to conceive a child. New Hope brings the hope with the technologies of IVF & ICSI with a professional medical team & high quality lab. Our Mission is brings the hope to all families, not only in UAE but in the world.

  • Multinational certified professionals for patient fertility care.
  • Very affordable high-tech ‘Assisted Reproductive Treatment’ (ART) at your doorstep.
  • Comprehensive ‘In Vitro Fertilization’ (IVF) treatment through scientifically acclaimed technologies



Maintain a healthy lifestyle for our patient.

New Hope medical Center focus on the family healthcare; specially the new couples, our mission is to build a healthy family & maintain it to the next generation.